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Landscape and Nature

Mostly the list that follows, describe areas of natural beauty, ideal for walks. To note that during the hunting and bird trapping season, one must make efforts to avoid the immediate vicinity where these activities are taking place. The following areas are coded as follows: W = Good for walking/trekking; V = Good views; P = Photographic opportunities; H = Pay particular attention to hunting activities.


Delimara Point, Marsaxlokk W/V/P/H

Preferably take the high ground from Tas-Silg area, and walk to Delimara Point, and where possible follow the coastline, which can take you all the way to St. Thomas Bay.

St Thomas Bay, Marsascala W/V/P/H

The route mentioned above, can be done in reverse starting from here. Walk towards the point known as Il-Munxar where waves can often be seen breaking on the shallow offshore reef, and where high white cliffs (not visible from the bay) offer a spectacular sight.

Ghar Hasan and Cliffs, limits of Birzebbugia V/P/H

Ghar Hasan, site of a popular legend, may or may not be open, but the cliff area is worth a drive and a short visit anyway.

Blue Grotto and Zurrieq Valley, Zurrieq W/V/P

A very beautiful coastline where one finds the Blue Grotto, and the rugged valley walls. Apart from walking to the valley from Zurrieq, which is pleasant enough, further walks can however be rough in places.

Mnajdra, Limits of Qrendi W/V/P/H

Apart from the temples, the surrounding area lends itself to a scenic coastal walk, which could for the more adventurous take you all the way to Ghar Lapsi.

Ghar Lapsi, Limits of Siggiewi W/V/P

There is a good walk to be had walking along the coast towards the South/Mnajdra/left when facing the sea.

Fawwara, Dingli W/V/P

Approach either from the road starting from a little before the “Dar Tal-Providenza” area (you need a map) or else from the left-most side of Dingli Cliffs.

Dingli Cliffs W/V/P

Walk along Malta’s highest point, which overlooks the sea for miles, you may walk to (or from) Buskett Gardens, and Mtahleb.

Buskett Gardens W/P

A small forested area, with mature trees and a small stream which runs during the wet season. Also a good place to start walks along country roads.

Mtahleb, Limits of Rabat W/V/P

A beautiful, tranquil place, one may also walk along the spectacular cliff edge (caution required in places) if you start your walk from the parking area at Migra il-Ferha. Coves and sea-caves may be seen, and you may also descend to the water’s edge via a narrow passageway in the cliff face just by the parking area. Popular dive spot.

Bahrija, Limits of Rabat W/H

You may get to Bahrija Valley from Mtahleb, either along the cliff-top road (recommended) or underneath the cliffs, not an option during the hunting season. Or just drive there from Rabat.

Fomm Ir-Rih Bay, Limits of Rabat W/V/P

The downhill road to Fomm Ir-Rih offers a straight-ahead option (walk to the point, where some temple remains may be found) or take the right half way down the hill, and walk all the way down to the little beach via a narrow passageway.

Kuncizzjoni, Limits of Rabat W/V

Walks along country roads and paths.

Gnejna Bay, Mgarr W/V/P

Short walks in this picturesque bay area, alternatively walk towards the tower overlooking the bay (from the high ground, take the road on your left just as you have come up Gnejna Hill, past a gate) and you may walk all the way to Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Sands along the cliff edge.

Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Sands Bay W/V/P

Reverse the route above, or walk in the opposite direction (northwards) behind the new hotel (take narrow passageway on the right hand side hotel boundary wall) and take a cliff edge walk which may take you all the way to Mellieha, or even further.

Anchor Bay, Mellieha W/V/P/H

More of the beautiful rugged coastline to walk.

Qammiegh Point, Cirkewwa/Mellieha V/P/H

Vantage point, which you can walk to or drive to, tricky to take walks here as the right route (to Paradise Bay) is not so obvious, but if discovered, well worth while.

Paradise Bay, Cirkewwa W/V/P

Beautiful bay nestled under cliffs, reverse the previous route on the cliff edge ortake a short walk North towards Cirkewwa.

Cirkewwa to Ahrax Point Promontory area W/V/P

You may walk all around the coastline, by the little sandy beaches of Armier, to the promontory point where the little chapel and statue of the Madonna is located, all the way to Ghadira (Mellieha) Bay.

Mgiebah Bay W/V/P

From Selmun, by the chapel, watch out for the easy to miss sign for Mgiebah Road, as you get to the clay slopes overlooking the bay, you may take a left and walk towards Ghadira (Mellieha) Bay, or just go down by the beach.

Selmun and St. Paul’s Islands W/V/P

Walk the clay slopes downhill towards St. Paul’s Islands, you may walk all the way round to Mistra Bay.

Mistra Bay and Valley W/V/P

You may start this walk from Xemxija, behind the hotel situated at the northern corner of the bay, walk up a Roman road past some ancient remains, and directly down again via a pathway, to the valley floor, following the path towards the sea.

Mizieb Wooded Area (Hunting Reserve) W/H

A pleasant walk, not much of note otherwise, but to avoid completely during the hunting season.

Coast Road, Bahar Ic-Caghaq W/P

The coast road is quite busy, but makes for a pleasant, comfortable walk with no hills of note all the way from Qawra to Bahar Ic-Caghaq, staying by the coast just before the hill to St Julians, the walk gets a bit rougher, but can take you all the way to Pembroke/St Julians.

Pembroke, limits of St Andrew’s/St Julians W

A coastal area allowing for a walk across natural rock and scrubland.

Ghargur/Madliena Victoria Lines Area and Valleys W/V/P

The view from here stretches towards Gozo on a clear day, and the Victoria Lines hug the sides of this natural fault line at the steepest of places.

Mosta Valley, Mosta W/P

Start the walk either from by the school/Markiz Mallia Tabone Farmhouse behind and to the right of the Mosta Dome, and walk down to the valley floor. The walk may be rough in places. Alternatively walk down from by the bridge further along the valley, opposite Fort Mosta, for an easier walk. The valley leads to the Burmarrad area, via country roads you may walk all the way to Salina, the Coast Road or Qawra.

Wied il-Kbir, Qormi W/P

A steep-sided valley, which may be walked from Qormi end to Qrendi, or taking the right hand side fork in the valley, towards Zebbug/Siggiewi.

Gozo, Comino

Apart from the places and walks listed below, Gozo offers a myriad of quiet country lanes, especially suitable for walks during the cooler season.

Xatt L-Ahmar to Xlendi W/V/P/H

This is a long but very beautiful walk, which may even be started before Xatt L-Ahmar (Start from Mgarr Harbour and walk westwards along the coast, although this option can get quite rough), which takes in beautiful cliff edge views of Comino and Gozo, the stunning creek at Mgarr Ix-Xini, and Ta’ Cenc Cliffs. You may start this walk at any of the following points and walk in any direction, if you wish to make it shorter. Optional start points, east to west: Mgarr Ix-Xini; Sannat (Ta’ Cenc); Xlendi (cross the little footbridge towards the tower, and walk east). In some places, during the hunting season, you may be asked to take an alternative route, as much of the land is private.

Dwejra/Azure Window/Inland Sea W/V/P

The area is highly picturesque, with numerous natural and man made features. Walks tend to be limited to the general area, but are highly rewarding all the same.

Wied il-Mielah to Marsalforn W/V/P

There is another, little know natural rock “window” here maybe not as beautiful as the one at Dwejra, however this is an ideal start point for a coastal walk along the country track and pathways which you can take all the way to Marsalforn.

Ramla Bay W/V/P

There are some interesting but rough pathways to both sides of the bay, and also country roads leading to this bay. A beautiful area, although not recommended to use the pathways to attempt to reach any other place, as in places even some climbing skills are required.

Hondoq Ir-Rummien W/V/P

Walk eastwards along the coast (some places caution required) all the way to Mgarr Harbour. Possibly the best views of Comino from this walk.

Comino W/V/P

Pretty much a “free” walk, to start depending on your landing place, the coastline is probably the most rewarding option. Can be rough in places.

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